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After winning the highest honor of "Running Kart", his game ushered in the suspension of service

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E-sports legendary island.

Speaking of South Korea e-sports,Our mind may flash countless name.Players all over the world are seen Korean players on different projects and pros“Within the volume capacity”,从某种程度上讲,Everyone enjoying their competition and ornamental,一边“Bitter South Korea e-sports long time”.

If a lone heroes from other countries,In a strong south Korean project title,So even on the Internet the most demanding of e-sports audience,Also have to help him,例如《星际争霸 2》First the Korean champion Serral.

不久前,The island of Taiwan is such a“强者”,Completed a similar feat —— 在《跑跑卡丁车》10 The highest specifications in early career in the game,Taiwan Neal Detonation elder brother had retired three years,First entry contestants who won the champion.

This is indeed a remarkable achievement,But it is a pity that is a“绝唱”—— Shortly after his victory,The game is coming to an“消失”了.


South Korea e-sports dominant,In addition to《英雄联盟》《星际争霸》The worldwide popular projects such as,Also included in South Korea still popular national level in the home game —— 出自 NEXON 的《跑跑卡丁车》.

对国内玩家来说,NEXON Is not a strange name.《跑跑卡丁车》Once popular domestic more than ten years ago the streets,Has been in the world 3.8 亿注册用户.In the country that South Korea,The enclosure is the national level the game,Exaggeration is“South Korea half the population has played it”,Also continue at this point,And South Korea e-sports volume within the traditional spirit.

而在宝岛台湾,NEXON 的《泡泡堂》《跑跑卡丁车》Such as the game was popular at that time the same.但如今时过境迁,NEXON Games have gradually draws back,At least the mainland netizens will contact the above elements together,Will probably first thought is that“杰哥不要啊”.

Ah wei and Jacob in the Internet cafe“结识”,契机就是《泡泡堂》

正是在这样的背景下,10 月 1 日,From Taiwan“Neal Detonation elder brother”Liu Chang heng in Korea 2022《跑跑卡丁车》联赛 S2 In individual events in the,In a mad with stable style,From South Korea high shootouts,Won the title alone.

Behind this unpopular project,Title of detonation elder brother with numerous gold content is not low BUFF——24 岁“大龄”选手、Alone through the south Korean league、South Korea the first foreign player,Just return back to the professional game soon......

Detonation elder brother Neal Began with the legend of 2007 年.It is run platform open under that year,9 He along with the generation of children into the Internet cafe,Not in here“杰哥”,Is a registered his first《跑跑卡丁车》账号.

两年后,Is still young and he was“Xinhai detonation elder brother”的 ID 出道,As a whole the youngest player,Amateur competitions in Taiwan in the serie a title,Since then opens the domination of Taiwan's road.15 Before the age of dozen amateur playing again,15 Years old and then to“Neal”Name in the professional field coppi,Almost can't see the opponent.

However, in the open before the time of their own,E-sports environment of Taiwan's wind and cloud change.2014 年,Taiwan e-sports league announced it would《跑跑卡丁车》等游戏“Go to professional”,Professional football league to cancel,“职业选手”The certification of identity from the dead.

The standardization of the early Taiwan e-sports earlier than the mainland,Hot e-sports project have strict boundary between amateur and professional.Want to became a professional player,To enter Taiwan e-sports league draft competition,Chosen by the alliance has the club into the team,Then you can take part in professional league,And a series of coalition led by the commercial operation of.

But go to professional,On the one hand is to encourage to eliminate boundaries between amateur and professional players,Both sides can make in front of the screen;On the other hand also marks the e-sports league endorsed once Taiwan pro,Back on“Bonus to earn a living”的老路.

For critical elder brother,The influence of the matter said big also,说小也小.In Taiwan's local various competitions,He is still a fledgling,毫无悬念.But there is no real“职业选手”的头衔,Detonation elder brother can only in the name of half a professional player activity.

See a generation of talent will be the objective reason to bury,Brother burst oneself's mentality is very good,Side to return to school,Side to maintain the state,Waiting for an opportunity.


在《跑跑卡丁车》Go to the first few years of the professionalization of,Blasting elder brother business Youtube Channel popular,也在 Twitch 上开了直播.Play a game of blogger,He continued to balance the field.

Detonation elder brother joined the jay Chou to play the host identity JTeam 俱乐部

Once the panda TV《跑跑卡丁车》Tournament in China and South Korea,He had an impressive level by players on both sides of the Taiwan straits as“Three gear top”.

The period of detonation elder brother,The growing popularity of themselves as the host well,But he didn't want to run slowly into a“Only the audience no players”的游戏.

Fortunately, to professional also folk e-sports has brought a lot of room to play,Then explodes the elder brother borrowed organized by their influence and organized many matches,For example, some online games and take the tenth anniversary of the team tournament.Allow more players to win both the attention,Have successfully attracted more players back to run the stage.

与其同时,Explodes the elder brother of one and a half coppi strength still is not professional identity disguised.2019 年,NEXON 举办了《跑跑卡丁车》The world champions,Say it's international events,Can actually be called“Three suits the”,Each server team only four places.

Compared with South Korea serious league from active service pro,Blasting elder brother here is a“草台班子”,Before three teammates have already turned pro.But the end result is let three players surprised,27 team won runner-up,Got an unexpected good results,Brother of detonation with the personal performance of bright look,Attract all the attention to run the player.

Can be a big match end,The detonation elder brother seems to slow down again.

He first announced no longer attend the clothing small game —— Because the rolling bureau almost ruined the enthusiasm of other local players win.随后,He participation held RSLeague Dream a tournament,But their sit for the position of the critics'.He also citing studies during,Rejected the south Korean club a letter and a letter of invitation letter,Everything seems to point to the“功成身退”.

此时,Elder brother live blasting is also increasingly longer,Every time I live there are thousands of people to watch,But everyone except learning technology,The most important purpose has been changed to see the host the whole live.

去年,Trill on a“Curry rice”The video at that time on ghost stock list of the top.博主 @五十岚上夏 Imitation of the“郭言郭语”,In theatrical language and manners,The appearance of the deduced a curry rice taste.Because of video character shape and pretty similar blasting elder brother,So on both sides of the fans often in blasting elder brother studio ridicule,An attempt to anchor to learn.

Detonation elder brother started quite inconsistent,还要求“They want to see me to industrial and commercial”.As a result a take-out business really looking for the door,Always pay attention to the image of the detonation elder brother quickly compromise,Dressed up and video characters look like,Choked voice raised curry rice,Complied with the wishes of fans.

Old fans satisfied,But also attract a lot of people scoffed at,Some people say that live in grandstanding is sleeping,就此“摆烂”.At the moment as if strength turns into a comedian's classic drama,Has been on detonation elder brother,“Curry rice”Teasing and even become some irony in the population,From then on, often accompany he appeared.

The outbreak period nearly three years,Detonation elder brother I almost did not take part in any game,粉丝们都觉得,Retired, seems to have a poor export he says he is.


然而事实证明,Explodes the elder brother is not think so.6 月,Detonation elder brother suddenly told everyone in the video,You want to go to higher levels、The famously intensity was desperate Korean league.

But his decision,Did not receive the support of fans all.Than he himself again the dream-seeker blinded again after all these years,Fans can more realistically instead for his analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of.

Who is not sure a long time did not play veteran,Go to South Korea now playing how to get the result of.正如前面所说,Explodes the elder brother is hundreds of thousands of fans of the host,In three years and still have the name of the island's best,If in South Korea“晚节不保”,For his career now live in the host is a big blow.可即便这样,He eventually decided to take on the road.

临走前,Detonation elder brother in live speak a similar to the next《英雄联盟》Project champion Deft Quote:“I do in my life the most successful thing is probably playing games,如果不去(韩国)Really a pity”,Brother actually burst determination is nothing“最后一博”The lone BeiZhuangGan,He just feel“没什么问题”罢了.

Also in the live,Someone throws a question,“Do you think you can make clothing heat recovery?”,Brother burst prevaricated way,“Not sure”.

事实证明,Detonation of easily is there for a reason.He from qualifying play,以 128 Smoothly into the Korean players in the first place in this league singles.In front of the professional game start,His popularity vote reached 87%,Is much higher than group other domestic players.

Although joined South Korea Liiv SANDBOX 俱乐部,But because the language barrier,On behalf of the club singles detonation elder brother,Can be compared with other players in the game than the strength of opportunity is not much.For the all huddled in a south Korean ID Between a foreign player,People know his story,Admitted that his popularity,But only not sure his strength.

When people also suspect somewhat to brother burst strength,He was against a few Korean vertex player in the race,With the first result shows the response.All the way walk shun-li gao after qualifying for the final champions league and for,Facing the first from a bad situation,Elder brother quickly adjust blasting state three straight set,Finally in numerous encirclement and suppression of South Korea's top players grabbing the singles champion.

The full force of the excellent result seems to be telling people,He is not because of age、The decline in state from e-sports,Just don't find enough competitive arena.

The official also clearly know that explodes the elder brother and《跑跑卡丁车》In Taiwan happened appeal,Quickly launched a champion modelling car,Taiwan players limited-time online can get.At that time online now-thanks to,Players in Taiwan almost everyone know,They have a dominant in this field as Faker 的王者,A lot of people and renewed interest in the old game,If the original fan questions to get the best answer.

但另一方面,NEXON The official also prepared a bad news,A critical elder brother as far away as South Korea earlier know the answer ——《跑跑卡丁车》27 will shut down in a few months.The rise of genius,Happen to be accompanied by a Taiwanese《跑跑卡丁车》Declining trajectory.


11 月 1 日,Just the title after a month in blasting,27 in announcement,宣布和 NEXON Operation contract is about to expire,The game will be in the coming year 1 月 31 日停服.Bad news came very suddenly,The official response, is also very quickly,从下午 7 点起,The game has not registered account.

The next day blasting elder brother open live,Fans have rushed into the studio,Ask him inside.Detonation elder brother said he really news in advance,表示“有点难受”.

27 stop taking itself is not hard to understand.NEXON 续作《跑跑卡丁车:漂移》箭在弦上,The old version and the《魔兽世界》同一时代,至今 18 Years of age completely be called online“活化石”.过去十几年间,Server closed to run the world,Machine clothing closure will come sooner or later,Also in order to better for new.

But for still adhere to the players in the game —— Detonation elder brother may also calculate one —— Everything was somewhat cruel,Although servers in mainland China and South Korea have account,But, after all, 27 is the place where dreams begin.And a few months ago,He has just recovered with young games become attached to the first account.

As for that you haven't wu hot champion modelling car,“永久获得”Is now three months time to use.Someone live in detonation direct speech,It is exactly a permanent car or“灵车”.

Blasting brother helplessly ridicule myself back,“I three years(使用期)You will not go up to run a few times”.

Game iteration,对于《跑跑卡丁车》Has a weak e-sports base is more or less a blow.纵观其历史,The enclosure is not simple leisure game,Actually to be familiar with difficulty and competitive depth is quite high.Who also don't know in now,To run the new can also copy the pomp,Taiwan local also seems to be more difficult to have those same complete e-sports professional basis.换句话说,After a time change,“土壤”难存,Who also don't know where to find the next“Detonation elder brother Neal”.

But at least he can also enjoy the league titles to bring joy —— Live people ask“Run down explodes the elder brother is not finished?”,Coming back to Taiwan short breaks the detonation elder brother joked,“其实还好吧,Went outside running to send(外卖)而已嘛”.

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