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Why do we like game linkage?

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Enjoy the universe of carnival.

当《死亡搁浅》联动了《赛博朋克 2077》,当“刺客信条”里出现了“最终幻想”,当《堡垒之夜》There are more and more strange elements in…… 最近几年,Game gang became a popular activity.Many games break the barrier of the dimensional,The characteristic elements into another world.The contents and patterns of a variety of activities to linkage enterprise progresses day by day,Linkage is a unique phenomena in the game.

Because bag and the characteristics of different spheres of span,Linkage can always touches the player excited nerve.What is comparable to the favorite character、Set together more exciting?Players in customs clearance after the game,Sometimes I felt like,如果有一个机会,In more places to experience the essence of love game,It naturally became an exciting thing.

The vitality of the game is limited,But linkage for mature works inject new vitality.In the new world in the end of the story in the original glow“第二春”,This may be linked charm.

《女神异闻录 5》Is a frequent visitor to the game linkage,足够优秀,Stylized enough,Heat is also high enough


The linkage of the game activities is really too much,Quality high and low,Have done with your heart,Some can only say that revealed a perfunctory taste,But after all linkage base,Even if it's just a list of impressive,也不少.

“孤岛惊魂”Is an open world ubisoft game series,In the compasses in ubisoft game universe,This series is noted for its slightly cult flying style,The game is one of the most famous villain —— Watts,、“Pu dad”,以及“炸鸡叔”As Anton・卡斯蒂约.因为“孤岛惊魂”是第一人称射击游戏,Natural is good at shaping the role players camera —— In addition to the player himself,All the other characters personality.

《孤岛惊魂 6》In the game to join a science fiction horror TV drama theme《怪奇物语》Under the world view of special tasks,Pull the players into the“A plane”.Try to restore the style of TV game,“The shadow place”Full of mucus and shadows,The ubiquitous red lights shining on every corner of the world blue.

Linkage is movie poster sense

The play of the mind flayer(The Mind Flayer)Be restored to the game

The linkage of the depth of activities and many,Players are more willing to see this.其中一个例子是《最终幻想 14》和《尼尔:机械纪元》,《最终幻想 14》In the game a new“尼尔”A copy of the worldview of“YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse”.因为《最终幻想 14》拉到了《尼尔:机械纪元》The director of the horizontal tail, and the project director saito yosuke on,So the overall quality of the linkage is good.Players besides can get“尼尔”The role of the series of clothing,Can also experience the original name of the fight scenes and,And play original plot content.


《尼尔:机械纪元》For some players brought a“不正经”的联动 —— 在《糖豆人:终极淘汰赛》Add the hero 2B The role of clothing.因为 2B Is a tall woman,So when the pudgy jelly beans dressed as a man 2B,Leap appeared on camera,Players can feel the temperament of contrast and wacky immediately.不过,因为《糖豆人:终极淘汰赛》It was walking“Hu made”Huan off line,Players to accept this time“奇怪”The linkage of also won't have any trouble,May feel a contrast instead of.


The nature of the linkage determines,This kind of activity must be creative,Break time, after all, yuan the behavior of the wall is a powerful and unconstrained style.As long as the production team don't play too free and easy,But as far as possible the characteristics of the original into a new game,Most players will accept.Enjoy a cosmic crisscross carnival,This is the meaning of linkage.

Why linkage?

Linkage is largely in classic game IP 的影响力,And give them a new commercial value.在某种程度上,这也是一种双赢 —— With word games for commercial interests,Popular game for players to multi-dimensional novel experience.当然啦,From the perspective of business analysis will appear a little boring,但是我想说的是,Because of the commercial factors are contributing to linkage,We can see cross the whole live in more games.As long as the commercial flavor don't be so obvious,Content also don't be so,Linkage is a kind of power,For people on both sides of the linkage is a benign cycle.

Because of the linkage is almost naturally eye-catching features,There are quite a few games that focus on the linkage as make、销售、运营的策略,Also was a significant success.目前最有名的“Linkage slasher”当属《堡垒之夜》,It is the latest and《火影忍者》联动,Let the player can operational naruto fire on the prairie M4 突击步枪,Or let the uchiha sasuke big dance disco dance.鉴于《堡垒之夜》和《火影忍者》The dual influence of,Foreign social networks to discuss a lot.

当然了,To participate in joint are popular role

不得不说,No matter what role in the《堡垒之夜》Will be easier in the whimsy

《堡垒之夜》The linkage of too much,在电影《复仇者联盟 3:无限战争》上映期间,The game has launched a“灭霸模式”,Players on the map to find out the gloves on,Obtain special skill.A bit earlier,《堡垒之夜》还和《七龙珠》《黑客帝国》《星球大战》联动,In the game to join the somersault cloud、龟派气功、Lightsaber props, etc.基本上,As long as can get authorization,Do in the game,Be received into the“‘堡垒之夜’宇宙”.

Another is very sufficient linkage properties of game is“任天堂明星大乱斗”系列.Early game projects in the book on it made a very accurate description:“The growing popularity of the charismatic role together,Again they blow fly happily party game.”所以“大乱斗”One of the most core point is“人气角色”.在最新的《任天堂明星大乱斗:特别版》中,War fighter, a total of 89 位,Including the nintendo's role of of all kinds and the third party game makers.

Huge amounts of linkage is likely to be“大乱斗”的秘方

如果你玩过“大乱斗”,Can be felt that should be easily manipulated like the feeling of the fighter.而且,“大乱斗”Series can always grasp the essence of the original —— 换句话说,也就是“玩梗”玩得好.比如,来自“合金装备”Series of snake can through the radio call support in the battle,Ask for information rival fighter.Game for every fighter, add the special voice messages.

总体来说,Can play in the same game to each has its characteristics from dozens of different game series character,And it is the role of taste,不得不说,Is worthwhile,And fun.

In addition to the snake,来自《Xinguang myth》Peter has a hidden special dialogue

“王国之心”Series is linkage breath is full of games.A big selling point of this series is the original Disney wind and famous role,包括米老鼠、唐老鸭、Buzz lightyear, and so on.Game of the main story is also in a number of the Disney adventure in the universe —— 可以说,“王国之心”Is the version of the game“迪士尼”电影.

除此之外,“王国之心”还和“最终幻想”A series of close,Not only the role of guest linkage,Even some role, also from the same hands.This feeling of upset reality and game line comes with an attractive properties.


根据“万物皆可联动”的原则,Content can, of course, not limited to the game,Even on the other hand,The linkage of the most interesting is imaginative instead“跨界合作”.

The more radical linkage,The easier it is for player's eyes.不过,Finally get what kind of evaluation is to look at the level of production and work take tone between feeling,但是不论如何,As long as it is linked,To be able to get quite a lot of attention.

The real matchmaking linkage and why need the official?Players own the whole living entirely are not worse than the official linkage.最有趣的是《集合啦!动物森友会》和《毁灭战士:永恒》的联动,Because the game on the same day on sale,Aroused the enthusiasm of fans to discuss,They broke the dimensional wall,The style of the two irrelevant link game,A high concentration of secondary creation:To pull the west boon into scarlet regional hunting devils,Doom Guy The style of Hawaii is bedding bag T 恤衫,Catch a fish at the seaside leisurely manner.

I remember is the most interesting of foreign media published 4 Review and guide cover

There are also some crossover linkage,它们的特点是…… 你想不到.Until the linkage of news,You scream,Could this together!《新世纪福音战士》And beauty makeup brand KATE The linkage is like this,Where there is the audience will think of ads are meant to her lipstick?

The linkage between products fit is an amazing feeling,They are not necessarily similar,But must agree.Where are you most unexpected beforehand can tune,Can be linked most can the relevance is reasonable,It can let the audience also feel.


还有最近《英雄联盟手游》And the linkage of the coke,Coca-Cola printed on the mini jar of sikkink silk、伊泽瑞尔、O raccoon dog such as heroes.Such a linkage is two-way,Reality and game —— 现实中,Can players in the convenience store to buy the new packing“Hero mini pot”;游戏里,Can also be used in Coca-Cola joint activities and defeat the banner of the mark.

Drink Pepsi playing《英雄联盟手游》,Can be said to be a double happiness

What is such a linkage of fit?Both coke and mobile game,Are young people very common elements in social life scenes,Carbonated soft drinks and MOBA There are restless summer youth smell.Manufacturers took great novelty,The style of the cartoon is easy,Content is similar to play stem,Friend sitting in the grass timothy,Open the black hold teammates thigh,And down the tower to steal home.Even used in the short axis photography,A tide of.This is also the temperament of the game,Show a“酷”字.

Fashion and cool,有这些就够了


Whether mourinho in《师父》In bridled boxing mow down men in black Smith,还是在“怪物猎人”In the desert of,骑乘“Locke's dog”Or amaterasu hunting hatred tiger dragon,对许多玩家而言,Gang activity is a carnival imagination.It's like a surprise party,No one will refuse to more in the life to the pleasant surprise.

Really don't linkage —— This is who want to come out?

举了这么多例子,In fact, it's hard for me to summarize a set of applicable to all linkage“成功秘诀”.反过来,As long as linkage enough fun,Spark lit the that one,Like all players will be enjoyed.It is like an infinite creativity and fun party of the soul,Flashes and ideas is the behavior of everyone appreciated.最棒的是,Have you got the feedback is almost pure fun.


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