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The interface introduction and basic operation guide of the official version of "Taiwu Painting Scroll"

2022-09-23 13:14:52Vagabond star game strategy

《太吾绘卷》正式版相比EAversion with great improvements,无论是在UIboth on the system and on the system.下面为大家带来由“sstareven”分享的《太吾绘卷》Official version interface introduction and basic operation guide,一起来看看吧.


The pinch part is omitted,It feels like the old version,Actually, there's a lot more,People can also look really“天人”the beauty,The only pity is that the face shape cannot be modified,Hope to add mods in the future(也许)

Action interface


1.run on weekdays


As described here,will pass over time,Improve your inner strength,and affect the inner strength properties,The equivalent of a monthly cumulative progress bar slowly,then increase your inner strength.But there is no test data here,It is recommended to put an internal strength into it at the beginning of the game.

2.study books


Here, the small game of reading and autism has been changed to the same passive growth system as internal strength.,Then in fact, after clicking in, select a book and you are already reading it.,The game itself doesn't have any feedback,If not quit to see the book,还以为是bug了.然后,while studying,Can choose a book as a reference,Estimates that should it be used to accelerate progress.最后,A flash of light will trigger at a monthly chance.触发时,Need to click on the corresponding event,Then would come out to an interface,You can select the reading secret of the corresponding chapter in the upper right corner,waste of comprehension,相当于以前的“Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun Tun”那种,But here's a random pick4个.

3.resource display

In fact, it corresponds to the resource reserves and income expenditure of Taiwu Village in the past.,The collection option will be unlocked after leaving the novice village.

4.round end button

非常不明显,And you can also use this button to stop in place for a day,But it doesn't seem to trigger the event in place,In fact, you still need to run back and forth.

5.world plate

The logic is similar to before,Automatic continuous walking is possible only on the protruding plate,If the board lights up, it means it's the mission location,However, unlocking many tasks in the novice village requires stepping on those boards with people.,So in short a novice village on sight,White representation is neutral,Reds are the enemy.


First of all it must be said,The game's combat has become a form of click-to-attack,Go in by default1倍速.不过,At least I have found the trash fish in the early stageAIThey are very silly,Knowing that the routine basically becomes a unilateral suppression,I don't know if the official will revise this part in the future.AI.

But first we need to mention some new operations,You need to use the click of a mouse,或者按“J”来进行攻击,以及“A”和”D“Or the small arrow in the middle to move.



1.Heal and Escape


It's really good to know,If you have played the old version,Escape is when you are more than or equal to the distance from the enemy10distance,The article can be read to escape,Dispel poison is to dispel poison type damage,Healing is the treatment of part of the trauma.



You should know if you have played the old version,Each weapon has its own upper and lower attack range,and durable;如果在极端情况下,All weapons are worn out,There is also minimal stone throwing,Take branches and empty hands.知道嘛,If you deliberately choose a weapon that is not the enemy's attack range,And then rely on the movement technique all the time to force to run faster than the other side,Opponents will not use stone throwing or empty hands against you,Finally killed by you unilaterally.

3.Inside and outside work adjustment


I actually don't know what this is for,Maybe it's to resist the opponent's internal and external injuries.,拖动调整,But there isbug,If you have a teammate with you forever,You'll find the people called out,when you come back,this bar it becomes50%:50%,so here maybe…@制作组?

4.Attack style wheel


This wheel is basically rolling clockwise all the time.,Each attack increases the cumulative bar in the middle,Once full, you will be able to use a change move,Variations appear to accumulate multiple charges.Certain enemies do not eat a certain attack method,You can change several attacks that the opponent is afraid of in a row..Or used to accumulate the stored formulas required by the exercises.


5.List of exercises

probably nothing to say,Lighted up means eligible to use,If it is dark, it does not meet the conditions of use.

6.Time control and automatic fighting

显示”自动“On behalf of the point are automatically after,So the default is manual.speed can be adjusted,But your reaction time should be hard to keep up3倍速.

7.blood on both sides


This blood bar is actually quite new.,If you hit it, it doesn't hurt or itches,The injury will heal on its own soon,Description not fatal,If fatal wounds result in no way to restore HP by healing accidental means,Equivalent to the upper limit of blood volume has been reduced.

最后,如果打不过,你还可以:you give it to luda!


cool way

After about six hours of play,Probably:Actually it doesn't matter.Below I will analyze in detail.



如果有去翻过一些人的测试结果,会发现原来出生的月份影响内功初始偏向,You can look at thisBStation or related places,这里就不细数了.但是在游玩的时候,I found out that it can actually work through the week,慢慢将内功属性洗成其他属性,它们始终保持总计在100%.所以,那些打倒的敌人掉出来的内功功法,特别要练,以及突破,它们是变强的很重要的一环.这里展示一个非常离谱的金刚属性的逆练内功.



这里也可以看出来,我用run on weekdays将玄阴的比例降低了,金刚提升了.



首先必须打败敌人掉落内功功法,这些内功功法可以将你人物质变!这里必须得说引导不太好,不过总之简单来说,将内功功法放进study books的进程,读完了之后就开始去狠狠地修习!然后开始突破,它们可以装最多6个,而且似乎只要不放在run on weekdays就不会改变人物属性,目前还没试过逆属性内功,但现在用棍子就可以把敌人打得浑身内伤,很是爽快,直接游戏体验质变.





After being beaten by Mo Nv,Liberation of the post,You can send the map!可是这个UIConfused as always,The way to carry out station transfer is as follows.

world area button



点这里的“世界区域”图标,Then choose a nearby area.You will then be reminded of the amount of time and resources needed.






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